What's the difference between streaming and Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi streaming uses the home network to transfer data from the player to the loudspeaker. Bluetooth speakers and players can be used independently of a network. Wi-Fi is a versatile streaming method thanks to its greater range and higher data in your own home.

Do I need a separate Chromecast for each TV? No, you need one phone/tablet/computer per TV/Chromecast to watch different shows on different TVs. You can control multiple Chromecast through a phone, just need to select which one to control at a time.

Do you have to pay for Google TV?

If the movie or TV show you're looking for isn't available from your services or free providers, you can rent or buy over 200,000 movies and TV episodes directly from Google TV, starting at $2.99. Do you need internet for Amazon Prime movies? Amazon Prime members can now download Prime eligible TV shows and movies to almost any mobile device at no additional charge. The shows are then available to view offline – no internet connection needed!

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Do you pay to use Bluetooth?

No. Bluetooth does not cost any money and will not drive up your cell bill. The technology doesn't use cellular data, so no matter how much you use Bluetooth in a month, it will have no impact on the bill you pay at the end of that month. Do Smart TVs have cameras? Modern Smart TVs now actually have cameras and microphones installed. Smart TV cameras and microphones are often placed at the edges above the screen of your TV. These two features are often placed nearby, as they are often paired together in video calls.