Do you need to carry all Atlas passes?

You will need to keep the Atlas Pass on you to use it. You only need to carry the V3 Pass, as it will unlock V2 and V1 locks as well. Do I need more than one AtlasPass? It is also important to note that you do not consume a pass by using them, so you only need to get one once, and a higher tier pass can open anything a lower-tier pass can. So if you get an Atlas Pass V3, you can use it to open all doors and containers requiring a V1 or V2 pass.

Do Atlas Passes get consumed?

A couple general notes: Atlas Passes aren't consumed when you use them, and a v2 pass can open v1 doors, while a v3 pass can open all doors. Should I follow the Atlas Path no man's sky? The Atlas Path is also the way to Birth yourself a new star system, and the only way to get the Heart of the Star recipe to continue birthing stars and for 2 Core Health upgrades that you can't get any other way.

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What's at the center of the universe in no man's sky?

The Galaxy Centre is the epicenter of each galaxy in No Man's Sky. It is the only direct gateway to the next galaxy in numerical order, and the only way of permanent galaxy travel apart from restarting the Atlas' simulation at the end of the main storyline.

Do you have to do the story in no man's sky? Whether you see out the story or not is entirely up to you, and isn't necessary to be able to kick back and enjoy the expanse of time and space that the game has to offer.